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Public Health 190 (Bradman)

Does the Dose Make the Poison? Introduction to Toxicology and Risk Assessment

Contact Elizabeth

Elizabeth Salmon

Research Services Librarian
Political Science & Sociology Liaison
Kolligian Library 275
(209) 631-6954

PH 190 Library Workshop: Goals & Agenda

Workshop Goals

By the end of today's workshop, you will be able to: 

  • Identify various scholarly article types and their role in advancing knowledge and informing policy. 
  • Articulate and apply systematic review methodology to your own research projects. 
  • Conduct and document PubMed search results. 

Part I

I. Getting Started & Today's Goals (5 minutes) 

  • Open the PH 190 Research Guide (this page.) In the browser search bar, enter
    • Or, go to the Library Webpage --> Research & Academics --> Course Guides--> search for PH190 

II. Identifying & Determining Article Types (10 minutes) 

III. Exploring Systematic Review Methodology (30 minutes)

  • General steps to conducting a review & common protocols

Part 2

I. Crafting a Research Question (10 minutes)

II. Intro to Searching PubMed (20 minutes)

  • Tracking & Synthesizing Sources 

III. Appraising Sources & Reducing Risk of Bias (10 minutes) 

IV. Wrapping Up & Research Support (5 minutes) 

Key Companion Resources