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HIST/CRES 123 (Torres-Rouff)

Resources for US Comparative Race Ethnicity (History 123; Critical Race & Ethnic Studies 123)


By the end of this session, you will

  • locate digital collections (whether via the free web OR subscription-based databases).
  • identify strategies for locating primary sources.
  • create citations based on available elements of the work.

Assignment Notes

  • five primary sources
  • from the same geographic place (town/city/neighborhood)
  • track development of a race over time
  • before 1940 (2), between 1940 - 1980 (1), from 1980 - present (2)
  • news article, song, image, speech, court case, political cartoon, literary production, artistic production, march, episode of violence, act of kindness, policy etc.
  • need to be able to map, catalog, and analyze each primary source