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LEED Resources: Ebooks

Taylor and Francis Ebooks 

Over ninety thousand ebooks in specialist subjects.  Plenty of resources available on green buildings, methods and techniques. 


This list includes databases and websites with a narrower focus.  They may be useful if your topic relates to the content area.

EPA's Web Archive: Green Building

The buildings in which we live, work, and play protect us from nature's extremes, yet they also affect our health and environment in countless ways. As the environmental impact of buildings becomes more apparent, a new field called "green building" is gaining momentum.

Green Buildings in the U.S. - Statistics and Facts

Site contains various datasets pertaining to Green Buildings in the U.S.

LEED v4 - Building Design + Construction Guide

Site servers as a reference guide for LEED topics, providing an overview and additional sources for each. 

Databases (EBSCO platform)


Find a Known Item

Already have a citation for a book or article?  Try the following:

Search in UC Library Search.

Search in Google Scholar, especially for article titles.

If a journal article, check to see if we have the journal for that year.  Use e-Journals tab in QuickSearch.

Sample Citation:  Ch(r)isti, Y. 2007. "Biodiesel from microalgae." Biotechnol Adv. 25:294-306.

Sample Citation (missing article title): Zhang, Y., Lynd, L.R. Biotechnol. & Bioeng. 88, 797 (2004).

How would we go about finding these?

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Access Resources

Look for pdfs or html icons to access full-text immediately. 

Click the UC-eLinks button to access full-text.  You may be taken directly to the article, or you may be prompted to click on another hyperlink. 

If the UC-eLinks does not offer an online option, use Request to order through Interlibrary Loan.  Note:  If the item is a book chapter, search in the UC Library Search catalog first in case we have a print version.

If you Request an item (article, book etc.) your Library account is your UCMnetID.


algae / microalgae

sustainable / renewable / "alternative energy"

analysis / "risk analysis" / assessment / feasibility / "energy analysis" / "net energy value" / "energy efficiency"

pro / con / benefits / controversy / controversial / debate / risk* / effects / impact / penalty / incentive / disincentive / constraints

potential / performance / capacity / production

hydroelectric (more specificity e.g. generator, dam, station, reservoir, plant,  "power plant", project)

biofuel / biofuels / biofuel production (more specific e.g. biodiesel)

corn / "corn stover" / maize


"nuclear power" / "nuclear energy" / "nuclear industry"

feasibility / viability

cost / price / "per kilowatt"

hydrofracking / hydraulic fracturing

"colony collapse disorder" / bees / honey bees / pollinator / pollination