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Digital Identity and Privacy: Home

A few quick definitions

Digital Identity:

Information in the digital space about you.  Including social media profiles, relationships, personal interests, shopping habits, and so much more.

Much of this information is put online voluntarily, whereas some of it is public record. 

Digital Privacy:

Protecting or limiting the information available digitally concerning your identity or whereabouts. 


When an individuals gains access to a system and user information. 


Technological vulnerability in a system that can be manipulated.


Why do we care?

The information that we put online is made available to others, brokered and used in ways that we have little control over. It is also possible that malicious entities want to use that information to gain access to your system, to a third party system or to ransom/sell it. 

Unfortunately, it's hard to adhere to a list of tips and tricks if you don't know what's at stake. And without keeping up with new technologies you won't be aware of future vulnerabilities.  

In this session we'll explore topics surrounding online privacy and personal data.

It can be difficult to articulate why privacy is important. One often repeated sentiment includes: if you aren't doing anything wrong, then you don't have a reason to be afraid. However, a lack of privacy can have a chilling effect on a population and inhibit how we express ourselves publicly and privately. 


Unpacking this topic

Programs and actors

- Government mass surveillance programs

- Private companies leveraging personal user data

- Malicious actors (hackers)



Security Awareness

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