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Geochemistry of Earth Systems 203 (O'Day): Single Sign-On Transition

RefWorks - NOW access is available through Single Sign-On

refworks logo

UC Merced Library users can now access their RefWorks account through logging in with their campus credentials (single sign-on) rather than logging in through a separate account information. 

  • If you have a RefWorks account that you created without your UCMnetID credentials, start by linking your account.  See Part I. This is a simple process.
  • If you have never used RefWorks and want to sign on with your UCMnetID credentials, see Part II.
  • If you have already linked your account OR set up an account with your UCMnetID single sign-on then you can easily access RefWorks for now on by using this URL.

Note: If you are sharing a RefWorks account with other individuals,  we recommend that you do not associate your RefWorks account with your UC Merced credentials.  Even though single sign-on is available, you still have the option of maintaining an account not associated with your UCMnetID.  When accessing this account, you may be prompted to log in with our group code -- RWUCMerced


Part I: Link your current RefWorks account to your UC Merced credentials


What? how to link your existing RefWorks account to your UC Merced credentials

For? those who have a RefWorks account


1. Visit the RefWorks login page.

 2. Click on “My Institution’s Credentials (Shibboleth) — rather than logging in with your existing account.

refworks login page

3. Type in Merced.

4. Select University of California Merced.

refworks type in Merced

5. At the UC Merced single sign-on page, enter your UCMnetID and password.  Click Login. [Note: You will not see this screen if you are already authenticated on your browser. You will skip #5 and see #6.]

single sign on with id

6. At the “Create Account” screen pop-up, click on the orange statement: “Link an existing RefWorks account to these institutional credentials.”

refworks orange link

7. Enter your existing RefWorks login and password.  

8. Click Link Account.

refworks existing account info

9. You will now be in your RefWorks account (linked to your UCMnetID).

This will associate any citations you have in your RefWorks account with your UC Merced credentials.  Going forward, you can rely on your UCMnetID and password for RefWorks access.  You will no longer need your initial RefWorks account login information.  

single sign on with id

See box on the right >>> for instructions for logging in with your UCMerced credentials when you want to access your RefWorks account in the future.  Two options are given.

Part II: Instruction for Ongoing Access & for New RefWorks Users


What? how to access RefWorks through Single Sign-On

For? anyone who doesn't have an existing RefWorks account and is  accessing RefWorks for the first time

1. Go to the RefWorks Login Page:

2. Select “My Institution’s Credentials (Shibboleth)".

3. Type in Merced.

4. Select University of California Merced.

5. You will be prompted to authenticate (unless you are already authenticated on that browser).

6. At the RefWorks "Create Account" screen, type in your UC Merced email address twice.  Click Next.

type in email RefWorks account

7. Type in your name.  (This is how it will appear in the RefWorks account.) Use the drop-downs to answer two questions. Click Create Account.

create profile - RefWorks screenshot

8. You will then be taken to your account.  Look for your name in the upper right. Your account will not include any references.

refworks empty account screenshot