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Teaching With Data: Data Analysis and Vizualization Resources

Resources for Teaching With Data session given graduate student orientation

Data Analysis and Visualization resources

Social Science

  • Visualizations and analysis
    • ICPSR's Teaching With Data: A list of tools centered around economics, geography and sociology disciplines.


  • Visualization
    • Visualeyes.
    • Tool for combining images, maps, charts, video and data interactively.
  • Analysis
    • Google books Ngram Viewer.
    • Shows how phrases have occurred over time in a corpus of books.

Natural Science

  • Visualization - SERC - Geoscience - How to Teach with Visualizations - overview of the importance of using visualizations in teaching and provides links to data visualizations, visualizations of model output and visualization software links
  • Analysis - Bird data in Science Pipes - basic visualization workflow tool using real bird data

Any Discipline

  • Google Fusion Tables - a Google tool for combining data with other data and visualizing it in a variety of ways with maps, charts, other layouts
  • IBM's Many Eyes - allows you to upload a data set or text block and create a variety of visualizations such as: charts, plots, graphs, treemaps, tagclouds, etc.
  • Gapminder - site contains a data sets that can be used for analysis or you can upload your own

ComputerWorld - Listing of 22 free tools for data visualization and analysis