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Teaching With Data: Teaching Resources

Resources for Teaching With Data session given graduate student orientation

Teaching Resources

Example Excel Activities: Activities range from assuming no prior spreadsheet knowledge to assuming a moderate level of spreadsheet knowledge.

Social Science

ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research):

  • Online Learning Center
    • Learning Guides that can be browed by Subject, Analysis Type and Dataset.
    • Most data is in SPSS or SAS formats.
  • Teaching With Data
    • Lectures, Activities, Syllabi, Reading Lists, Tools and Data Providers.

SSDAN (Social Science Data Analysis Network):

  • DataCounts!
    • Teaching modules include links to datasets and instruction materials.
    • Uses WebCHIP! for displaying data - can be copied into Excel.
  • Gapminder for Teachers
    • Gives a few resources for using Gapminder World in the classroom.
    • Skewed a bit for younger audiences but gives a couple of examples for using the Gapminder tool.

Natural Science

SERC (Science Education Resource Center):

General Statistical Literacy


  • NNN (National Numeracy Network)
    • Teaching With Data.
    • Provides links to teaching examples, activities, tools and data sources.