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Google Tips and Tricks: Quick Tips

Quick Info

* Type in "Movies Merced CA" to find up-to-date movie listings

* Type in "capital of _____" (fill in the blank with the name of the country you're interested in) and answer will appear below the search box

* Type in airline abbreviation (ie, AA for American Airlines) and flight # -- "AA 24" to check flight information

* Type in "time London (or anywhere!)" to check on the time

* Type in name of medication for information

* Type in symptom (ie, "dry skin") for information

* Enter any math equation into the search box and Google will calculate your answer

* Google can do automatic conversions -- see examples below:

212f in c” (convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius)

 400 yards in miles

“23 US bushels in quarts” 

 “280 euros in usd” (to find equivalent between euros and dollars)

 “20 tablespoons in cups”

For a full list of search features, go to


Google Features

Find Text Quickly

Use control-f on a PC or command-f on a Mac to search for text on a page.