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NSED 150 (Sinha) 2024

Use Articles Networks (Citation Chains) to Find Resources for Your Research

Search Strategy

  • When you locate an article in a database that looks relevant to your research, look for links to Bibliographies (also known as Cited References) or Cited By (also known as Times Cited) information. 

Bibliographies or Cited References

  • A bibliography contains the cited references that the author(s) used when writing and researching the article.
  • Think of bibliographies as backward articles networks. 

Cited By or Times Cited

  • A Cited By page will list citations/reference that have since cited the article you found.
  • Think of Cited By lists as forward articles networks. 


  • Follow the chain of citations from Bibliographies and Cited By lists to find a network of related articles. 


This is the Citation Network information given for the article "Summer Dynamics of the Deep Chlorophyll Maximum in Lake Tahoe" indexed in the Web of Science database.  *Not all databases provide this level of citation network information.

citation network panel from Web of Science

Article Networks - Google Scholar