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GIS Center: Other GIS Software

Information and Resources Offered by the GIS Center at UC Merced.

Free Online Apps and Open-Source Software

Online Mapping Apps

     Google - My Maps  -  Simple, collaborative online mapping.  Get Help here.

     OpenStreetMap  -  Crowd-sourced data including physical features of all sorts, but no data analytics.  What you can do in OpenStreetMap.

     MapBox  -  The flexible mapping tool of choice for many big companies, but geared toward experienced developers.

Open-Source Software

     QGIS -- This popular open-source GIS software runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OS, and Windows and supports numerous vector, raster, and database formats and functionalities.  The large QGIS community provides support to users.  Intro to QGIS by LinkedIn Learning.

     gvSIG -- Rated by as runner-up for ease of use as well as 3D capability, mobile apps, and CAD tools.