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Writing 100 (Soltis)

A research guide for Prof Mary Soltis's WRI 100 course

Questions to ask yourself before beginning

A literature review isn't a task you have to complete before you get to the "real" research. It's the bedrock of the argument you intend to make, the questions or controversies your research will answer. So ask yourself:

  • What are the gaps in the previous research and scholarship related to your project? What questions remain unanswered?
  • What aspects of existing, previous research and scholarship do you intend to challenge?
  • What sort of resources will I use to create my literature review? Books, e-books, journals, media (audio, video, etc.), government publications, grey literature (literature that hasn't yet been published, but is scholarly in nature)?
  • How do I analyze the resources I'll use? How will I assess their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Have I included resources that disprove any statements or hypotheses in my own research? Have I dismissed resources that include information that's contrary to my opinion or viewpoint?


Introduction to Literature Reviews

This video provides a basic and clear overview of what is a literature review, why do we write them, and what information do they provide (UCLA Libraries, 3.21)