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Sociology 195 (Golash-Boza)


Here are parameters to consider as you form your research inquiry.  Will you focus on one or more of these areas? 

Place / Location

Person / Organization

Time Period


Concept(s) / Themes

Has the place name changed?

Does the place have more than one name?

Can the place be represented by narrow or broader locations 

Does a person, group or organization feature prominently?

What is the time frame?

How is the time period represented? e.g. by a date range, event, or period of time

Is a specific event or a series of events important? 

Are you focusing on a specific event which is part of a larger event?

Is your event generic? Does it span multiple places/times?

What are the crucial concepts?

How are these concepts represented in text?

Phrase Searching


" "

To search for specific phrases, enclose them in quotation marks. The database will search for those words together in that order.


“platelet disorder”

“salt intake”

“high energy drinks”

“temporomandibular joint disc”

Boolean Operators (AND/OR)



Join together search terms in a logical manner.

AND - narrows searches, used to join dissimilar terms
OR - broadens searches, used to join similar terms


asthma AND gene

“joint pain" OR “joint stiffness”

jogging OR running





Truncate a word in order to search for different forms of the same word. Many database use the asterisk * as the truncation symbol.


Truncate the word child* to search for child, childhood, children etc.

Add the truncation symbol to epilep* to search for epileptic, epilepsy etc.