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Critical Race & Ethnic Studies 190 - Senior Capstone (Baker)

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles (published in print and/or online scholarly journals) are reviewed by experts in a process known as peer review before they are published. They are written for other scholars or experts.

Here is a list of different types of scholarly articles.

Other content you may find in scholarly journals:

  • book review
    • while written by scholars, book reviews in scholarly journals are meant to provide a summary of a newly published book. Book reviews can lead to the discovery of new sources to investigate.
  • editorial
    • while written by editors of scholarly journals, these articles are summaries of content included in a specific issue of a journal. Editorials can lead to the discovery of new sources to investigate.

Ulrichs Global Serials Directory

Not sure if an article is scholarly or popular?  Ulrichs has detailed information on more than 300,000 publications.  Enter journal/magazine title in the search box and find your publication.  Then, look for Academic/Scholarly in the Content Type field.

Scholarly vs Popular Chart

View this chart from the UC Merced Library to determine if an article is scholarly or popular.