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Writing 30 (Maharaj)

Introduction to Professional Writing

Business & News Databases

Find industry news, trends, and forecasts using these search tools.

Business Source Complete

  • includes business news, company profiles, & market research
  • search strategies
    • Search for a business, industry, or by a NAICS code
    • Limit by Source Types, such as SWOT analysis, Industry profiles, market research reports (e.g. information from MarketWatch and Consumer Behavior), and product reviews
    • Other search terms to consider:
      • datamonitor (a business information company which produce industry analyses)
      • trends, overview, innovation*, technolog*, environment*, marketing, accounting, law, legal, "public relations", statistics, etc.
        • The * truncation symbol picks up different words endings

Factiva Access

  • a global news sources, business focus
  • search strategies
    • In the subject search, select "Editor's choice -- Industry Trends/analysis" OR "Earning projections", etc.
    • Add other terms
    • Select a region if applicable
    • Use the date limiter
    • In "More Options", you can choose to:
      • search for your terms in Headline & Lead Paragraph
      • sort results by Relevance rather than Date
    • Run your search
      • Example: "rental cars" OR zip OR "car sharing" AND "Earnings Projections" (subject)

Newsbank: Access World News

  • worldwide news coverage
  • Search strategies
    • You can select variois groups, such as Major Metro Titles, America's News Magazines etc.
    • Use the date limiter


  • Search for words which describe the industry you have selected. 
  • Add other terms such as trend, innovation, technology, environment, ethics, sustainability, legislation etc. 
  • Join similar terms together with OR
  • Join disimilar terms together with a + (this is similar to using AND in library databases)
  • Use a ~ before a term to pick up similar terms
  • Use both the main results page and the News section

Business Statistics