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Writing 100 (Silbaugh)

Advanced Writing

Quick Links - MLA and APA

The links below will take you to web-pages with guides that have examples of in text citations and reference lists.

MLA Style - Purdue Online Writing Lab

APA Style - Purdue Online Writing Lab

Why Cite?

  • Citations let your readers know where you got the information you used in your writing.
  • They give credit to your sources and situate your work within the context of your field.
  • Citing sources accurately and thoroughly demonstrates that you understand where your work fits in scholarly discourse and that you have reviewed literature relevant to your topic.

Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction (NCSU) (Video Tutorial)

Citation Styles & Disciplines

Your professors will often require a particular format, but if they have no preference, these guidelines may be helpful. Each discipline typically has a preferred citation style.