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Writing 10 (Sandoval)

College Reading & Composition


The words you type into the search box affect your search results. Not all authors use the same language to describe similar topics, so you will need to try a variety of searches. Note: As you are searching for historical documents, you may notice that some terms you find or use in your search are perjorative (disrespectful, derogatory) today.

Databases & Digital Collections (Primary Sources)

Sample Searches


Sample Searches: To start exploring these collection, try these searches/links below.

Finding Content

The free web is often extremely valuable.

  1. Search using a phrase such as "digital collections" with a subject, person, event, place, or concept.
  2. Use synonyms for "digital collections". ("digital archive", online, digital, "virtual museum", "online exhibit", "digital library")
  3. Consider using an :edu limiter in Google since many collections are provided and curated by academic institutions.
  4. Use Google Advanced Search such as Any of these words. Example "digital archive" OR "digital collection".
  5. Depending on the time period, may consider using history, historical.

The library often has subscription resources with historical content.

  • Look for historical newspapers, databases from a certain decade or with a certain focus.
  • See "Database Types" including Images, Maps, Primary Sources, Newspapers, Statistics and Databases  ...

Look in larger collections for clues, hints etc. of where content might be located or for language.