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Spark 1 (Mireles)

The Hidden Curriculum


Material from the deep web is free.
True: 4 votes (17.39%)
False: 19 votes (82.61%)
Total Votes: 23
Most scholarly material is not available on the open web.
True: 17 votes (62.96%)
False: 10 votes (37.04%)
Total Votes: 27


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The mission of the UC Merced Library is to achieve excellence by meeting the diverse research, teaching and public service needs of UC Merced researchers (students, faculty and staff) with targeted, quality collections and relevant services that effectively and efficiently support the research life-cycle of finding, using, creating and managing information.

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Quick Link:

Library Website--> Research & Academics--> Research Guides-->Search for Spark Mireles

Today's Session: Goals & Agenda

By the end of the library instruction session, you will be able to:

  • Find books, journal articles, newspaper articles, videos, and more in UC Library Search and other Library Databases
  • Conduct effective searches that retrieve targeted and relevant resources.
  • Access the full text of articles in UC Library Search and databases, using "Get it at UC"
  • Get help from librarians!


  • Introduction & review of class goals (5 minutes)
  • The Library ecosystem (10 minutes)
  • Crafting a research strategy (20 minutes)
    • Developing a research question 
    • Brainstorming search terms
    • Selecting databases
  • Database Searching (20 minutes)
    • UC Library Search
    • Academic Search Complete & Education Source
    • Google Scholar
  • Wrapping up (5 minutes)

What's the Deep Web? Why the Library? (2:26)

From Pfau Library (2:25)