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Spark 1 (Jenkins)

National Parks and Landscapes

Agenda & Goals

By the end of our library session you will be able to ...

  • articulate the research process and criteria for your research question.
  • identify and select library databases and other resources to meet your research needs.
  • use effective search strategies to locate relevant resources.
  • obtain the full text of resources by using Get it at UC or through ILL (InterLibrary Loan.) 

These skills will assist you in completing your Research Proposal, Annotated Bibliography, Presentation and Research Paper.

I. Intro, goals, & topics (10 minutes) 

II. Research process, research questions, & source evaluation (15 minutes)

III. Search strategies & exploring resources (30 minutes) 

IV. Wrap up & ways to get library help (5 minutes) 

Quick Link to this Guide

Or, navigate to,

Library website --> Research & Academics -->Research Guides, and search for Spark Jenkins

Topics & Interests

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