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Sociology 182 (Xiong)

Topics in Immigration; Soc 182

Strategies for Reading a Scholarly Article

#1 Skip & Skim

  • On your first time around, read the sections that will help you determine if you want to read more deeply.

#2 Read with Purpose

  • Focus on what you need to discover. Example:  How does the article relate to my research project? 

#3 Ask Questions

  • Read the article looking for very specific information. Ask specific questions in each section such as "What is the hypothesis?" See handout (Google doc) for key questions.

#4 Interact with the Article

  • Interact with the article by highlighting and making notes.

#5 Cut through the Jargon

#6 Read & Repeat

  • If the article appears useful, re-read again.  This time you may wish to tackle it from beginning to end.

#7 Explore the Sources

  • Skim the titles found in the Reference section.  Are there other sources relevant to your research?

Adapted from:

Anatomy of an Article

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article: Interactive Tutorial

Article for Review

Golash-Boza, T. (2006). Dropping the hyphen? Becoming Latino (a)-American through racialized assimilation. Social Forces, 85(1), 27-55.


Questions for Analyzing a Scholarly Article (Google Doc)