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Syndication & News Wires

Syndication is the reuse and integration of materials, usually through a paid subscription.

Syndicated content can include news articles, press releases, cartoons, crossword puzzles, economic data etc. Syndicated content may display for a limited time on a news site.

Newswire services produce and distribute up-to-date news coverage, syndicated content, from around the world to subscribing media organizations. 

  • Commonly known newswires are Associated Press (AP), Reuters (Thomson Reuters), and Bloomberg.  Newswires can be industry specific such as Businesswire. 
  • "Wire copy" is regularly published in newspapers which subscribe to this service.  This is why you may find the same news report in more than one newspaper publication.
  • Journalists may also use newswires to monitor trends, generate story ideas, or check facts.

Want to Find Newswires?



Reuters Examples

Note: Sometimes syndicated content "rolls off" a website and is no longer available.

Associated Press Examples (same article, same journalist at AP slightly different titles)

AP story headline in Merced Sun Start

associated press logo reuters logo