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CatCourses Library Modules

Information on Library Modules available for faculty to use with first-year students in CatCourses

Test Instructions: Import Library Modules into CatCourses

Follow the steps below to import Library Modules into a CatCourse site from the Canvas Commons.

  1. Access the CatCourse in which you want to include one or more library modules.
  2. Click Commons (found in far left of a course).
  3. Search for UC Merced Library (or a specific module title). 
  4. Click on the activity you're interested in and select your course in the box on the right ("Import into Canvas")
  5. Click "Import into Course". You will be able to see imported modules under "Modules" in the list on the left. You can edit, mute, or set imported assignments as ungraded.

Note: it may be helpful to deselect "Show Public Resources" in your search in the Commons. This will show you just UC Merced resources.