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Lateral Reading

Lateral Reading

image showing open browser tabs related to shoplifting

What is Lateral Reading?

Lateral reading means that you are checking for accuracy as you read

What does this look like?

  • Finding background information on the source of what you are reading
  • Verifying that other articles are saying the same thing

Here are some questions to ask from the News Literacy Project:

  • Who funds or sponsors the site where the original piece was published? What do other authoritative sources have to say about that site?
  • When you do a search on the topic of the original piece, are the initial results from fact-checking organizations?
  • Have questions been raised about other articles the author has written?
  • Does what you’re finding elsewhere contradict the original piece?
  • Are credible news outlets reporting on (or perhaps more important, not reporting on) what you’re reading?


Lateral Reading (U of L, ~3:30min)