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HIST 107 (Caskey)

Urban Rivers

Search Strategies

keywords banner

Keywords can be important in locating relevant sources.  For this course, you may be searching for the name of a river paired with other keywords.

Sample Rivers (depending on the term, you may need to include river!)

  • Senne
  • Chicago
  • Seine
  • Ganges
  • Yangtze
  • Tunjuelo

Potential Terminology

  • community
  • environment
  • ecology
  • development
  • flooding
  • climate
  • indigenous

double quotes banner

To search for specific phrases, enclose them in double quotes. The database will search for those words together in that order.

"Chicago River"

"urban development"

"environmental history"

"environmental justice"

AND/OR banner

Join together search terms in a logical manner.

AND - narrows searches, used to join dissimilar terms
OR - broadens searches, used to join similar terms

floods OR flooding OR "high water"


"Yangtze River"

Filters Banner

Take advantage of database functionality.

Look for Filters or Limiters.

This may allow you to narrow to a specific Date Range or Source Location.

Example from Periodicals Index Online

screenshot of filters