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Disciplinary Based Educational Research (DBER)

for UC Merced NSF Fellows, fall 2019


Databases index (aka inventory, record, catalog) resources.  

An index points to something.

Sample Titles:

Active Learning in Higher Education

Journal of Student-Centered Learning

Journals & Indexing

Education Journals

"Virtually all disciplines have a journal devoted to education" (34) from Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Even if we do not have a subscription to a journal, we probably have it indexed in one or more databases available to you. In the database you can view abstracts, order articles through Interlibrary Loan etc.

Subject / Education Journals

Journals on College Teaching & Learning (Interdisciplinary)

  • International Journal on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (no subscription)
  • College Teaching (available, varied indexing)
  • Journal of Excellence in College Teaching (no subscription)
  • Teaching in Higher Education (available, varied indexing)

Topic-Based Journals

  • Active Learning in Higher Education 
  • Journal of the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition (no subscription)
  • Journal of Student-Centered Learning (no subscription)