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Data Management Planning: Data: Requirements & Responsibilities

Guidance and resources for research data management.

What Requirements?

US Federal Funding Agencies Data Management and Sharing Policies

UC Curation Center (UC3) summarizes and provides links to the data management and/or data sharing policies of major US funding agencies, including DOE, NOAA, NEH, NIH, NSF.

Research funders' Open Access and Data Archiving Policies (SHERPA JULIET)

A summary table of funding organizations that have open access archiving, publishing, or data archiving policies, sortable by country.

Do I Own the Rights to My Data?

  • Data are not copyrightable (yet a particular expression of data can be, such as a chart or table in a book).
  • Original records of research, including data, produced by UC researchers are the property of the Regents of the University of California. (APM 020)
  • Researchers may or may not have the right to share data collected from other sources. Most databases to which the UC Libraries subscribe are licensed and prohibit redistribution of data outside of UC. For more information on terms of use for databases licensed by the Library, contact Jim Dooley, Head, Collection Services.
  • UC Copyright provides guidance and policies related to intellectual property and ownership for the University of California.

Open Access to Data

Panton Principles

"Science is based on building on, reusing and openly criticising the published body of scientific knowledge. For science to effectively function, and for society to reap the full benefits from scientific endeavours, it is crucial that science data be made open."