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Writing 10 (Van Bebber): Problem/Solution Suggestions


1) Potential terms to add to your existing searches to target information about solutions.

  • solution, intervention
  • regulations, laws, policy, policies, legislation, bills
  • programs, programming, education, training
  • communication, promotion, promoting
  • campaign, initiative
  • reduce, reduction, prevent, prevention, decrease, alleviate, minimize [reduce rates, reduce prevalence]
  • increase, encourage, improve, incentives, incentivize, fix
  • treatment / therapy
  • develop, redevelop
  • local measures / municipal strategies
  • "war on X", "combat Y" e.g. "war on obesity" / "combat emissions"
  • guidelines, targets

Topic: Reduce food insecurity in the Bay Area

reduce* AND "food insecurity" AND (cities OR urban)

Topic: Encourage business to place grocery stores in neighborhoods without high socioeconomic profiles.

(supermarket OR "grocery store") AND "food insecurity" AND (improve or encourage)

2)  You may have already come across specific programs, people, bills, or ideas that could be part of a solution.  Examples:

  • "carbon credit"
  • "portable health insurance"
  • "food pantry"
  • taxes
  • "Fair Food Program" 

You could also include these in a search.

Nexis Uni

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  • Narrow date at Timeline.
  • Select Geography by Document and select North America.


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Limit to a domain. Examples:

  • .edu
  • .org
  • .gov

access food policy grocery stores

Limit to a time period.

  • Tools > Any Time > Custom Range (select the years you desire)