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OpenRefine: Exporting Data & Scripts

Exporting Cleaned Data

Use the Export button at the top right corner to export your cleaned data in the following formats: 

  • Tab separated values (TSV)
  • Comma separated values (CSV)
  • Excel
  • HTML table

You can also export an OpenRefine project, which will include both your clean data and operational history. 

The Templating option allows you to export to formats not currently supported by OpenRefine. See Templating Exporter for more information. 

Extracting Cleaning/Transformation Operational History

To copy your operational history, click on the Extract button under Undo / Redo. By default, your transformations will be selected, however deselect any operations you do not wish to apply on a future project. 

  • Your operation history will appear as a JSON in the right display panel. Copy this into a notepad or txt file. 
  • To apply the operations to a another OpenRefine project, use the Apply button under Undo / Redo, and past the extracted JSON.