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English 190 (Garcia, Spring 2024)

Bibliographic citation managers at UC Merced

The UC Merced Library supports several bibliographic citation managers. By "support," I mean that the librarians are familiar with each of the citation managers listed on the Library's Citing Sources page (scroll down to see the list) and can assist you with their use. If you should decide to use a citation manager and are having trouble deciding which to use, try watching this video on choosing a citation manager:

Citations Styles & Disciplines

Each discipline has a preferred citation style.  Various websites point to the desired citation style for each discipline.

While the OWL at Purdue is possibly the best-known of the online style guides, that guide has become a bit confusing, largely due to Purdue's acceptance of advertising on their pages. A better, "cleaner" guide is the Citation and Documentation from Excelsior University Online Writing Lab.