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Writing 10 (Ayik): Avoiding Research Bias

College Reading & Composition

TRAIL - Teaching Research and Information Literacy

Think Like a Researcher!

Avoiding Researcher Bias

Pre-video discussion questions:

  • Do you believe that Bigfoot really exists? Why or why not?
  • Have any of you done serious research on the subject of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, yetis, etc.?
  • Have any of you ever seen Bigfoot or some other type of man-beast?

Consider these questions as we watch a video narrated by researcher Mike Rugg. He will be discussing his own experience with Bigfoot and academic bias.

YouTube Video: Researcher Mike Rugg talks about his Bigfoot Sightings and Academic Bias minutes)

Post-video discussion questions:

1. What kind of researcher bias did Mike Rugg encounter from his professor while he was a student at Stanford?

2. Would you consider Mike Rugg an unbiased researcher? Why or why not?

Mike Rugg Video