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Writing 10 (Ayik) - Spring 2024

Video: Selecting & Using Keywords

What advice does the narrator provide about selecting and using keywords in your searches?

* from Darrell W. Krueger Library, Winona State University (play until 2:50)

Poll Question: Identify Keywords

What are the keywords you would select for this research question? Select your answer and click Submit.

How can National Parks, like Yosemite National Park, allow for visitors and yet protect the environment?
National Parks, visitors, environment: 4 votes (26.67%)
National Parks, tourism: 2 votes (13.33%)
Yosemite National Park, environment, allow: 0 votes (0%)
National Parks, protect, environment: 9 votes (60%)
Total Votes: 15

Keywords & Synonyms

Here is a chart with keywords and potential synonyms based on a revised research question from the Using & Selecting Keywords video.

RQ: Are young adults who play video games at an increased risk of being violent?
young adults teenagers adolescents youth  
video games online gaming Call of Duty Massive Multiple Player games computer games
violent school shooting aggressive cruel delinquency