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Writing 10 (Varnot, Fall 2023)

Recommended Databases

Search Demo in Academic Search Complete & UC Library Search (10 minutes)

Let's use the research question/topic and keywords we crafted in the Google spreadsheet:

For local/state issues: Newsbank

NewsBank is actually a collection of databases. Each NewsBank database features a set of newspapers with different themes and coverage: NewsBank-Major Metro Newspapers, NewsBank-Acceda Noticias (newspapers in Spanish), NewsBank-Special Reports, and so forth. For this class, we'll be using NewsBank-Access News World. Here's the link:

NewsBank-Access World News

You can also access NewsBank-Access World News by going to the "Databases" link in the library's home page, clicking "N" in the alphabet at the top of the page, and scrolling to NewsBank-Access World in the list of databases with titles beginning with N.


From the main NewsBank-AWN page, scroll down a bit. Look for the blue box marked "USA-California" and click.

From here, you can search by keywords in the headline or text of the article, or by source (the title of the newspaper you want to search), or other options.

Time to Search Independently

Independent Searching (20 minutes)

  • We now have time for searching in Academic Search Complete and/or UC Library Search to find information on our own research questions.

To Do: Before the 20 minutes are done ...

  1. Identify a resource that you may use for your research.
  2. Copy the citation in MLA style for the resource and add the citation to your row on the Google spreadsheet.

We will re-convene after 20 minutes for a discussion of your search results.