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How to Write a Literature Review - A Self-Guided Tutorial

Manage your references

Manage Your References

As part of your lit review, you'll need to provide a list of references -- your professors want to know where you found your information. 

Your professor will also require that you use a specific format ("style") for citing your references, such as one of these: 


The Library provides an online guide to help you cite your sources correctly in multiple styles.

Why do I have to cite my sources?

Citations are important because:

glasses icon They help others find the information that you used.


thumbs up They help establish the credibility of your own research.


computer icon

They connect your work to the work of other scholars.


dialogue icon It is one way that scholars enter into a dialogue with each other.


diploma icon It is a way to honor and acknowledge the work of others who have made your own research possible.

Citation styles

There are many different formats for citing the sources you use in your research. Here are a few.

Format Discipline
Modern Language Association
American Psychological Association
Social Science
Council of Science Editors
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Chicago Manual of Style
Social Sciences
Regardless of format, you must include the same basic bibliographic information for a citation.