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Writing 100 (Toconis)


These are potential keywords.

  • translingual practices (approach, literacy)
  • translanguaging
  • translingualism

Your research question likely includes one or more concepts in addition to translanguaging. These are some themes based on your research proposals.

  • K-12 education, early childhood education, middle school
  • international students
  • college education, first-year writing classes
  • STEM learning
  • career / workplaces / industry
    • specific field e.g. entertainment, technology, healthcare, public health
    • location of work e.g. international
  • learning impacts
  • use in writing centers

#1 Boolean

Which search logically uses a connecting word (AND/OR) correctly?

"translingual practices" AND translanguaging: 13 votes (43.33%)
"translingual practices" OR translanguaging: 17 votes (56.67%)
Total Votes: 30

#2 Phrase Searching

Which search brings you back fewer results?

"multilingual perspective": 24 votes (85.71%)
multilingual perspective: 4 votes (14.29%)
Total Votes: 28

#3 Truncation

Which search uses truncation appropriately to help you find different variations of the word theory?

theor*: 27 votes (77.14%)
theory*: 8 votes (22.86%)
Total Votes: 35