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Writing 10 (Ramirez)

Where to start your research

Finding physical books in libraries

UC Merced Library

If you are on campus you can find books related to film between PN 1997 and PN 2300. There may be related materials of interest adjacent to that section but feature material focused on radio, television and theater. 

Public Libraries

Most public libraries use a different organization system called the Dewey Decimal System. In these libraries books related to films should be in the 777 section. This page has information on how to use the Dewey Decimal System:


If the main subject of the work is something other than cinema, they might be cataloged and shelved in sections other than what is listed above. For example, a book about monsters or myths in cinema may be cataloged along with other books about mythology. Sometimes we find wonderful things in the stacks and other times we won't find something unless we search the catalog.