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Writing for Publication


When you start a project you want to write about, keep careful track of materials you might need later. These could include:

  • Consulted materials (that you will cite)
  • Numbers, figures, diagrams
  • Results

Start writing early, even if you end up changing a lot of what you initially put down. You may also write different sections at different times.

Give yourself plenty of time to write -- it can take a while!

Also, continue to keep in mind your audience and your purpose for writing to begin with.


Managing Your Time

General Books About Writing

Selected Books

Writing for Publication with Dr. Bruce Thompson

Dr. Bruce Thompson from Texas A&M shares thoughts on publication, including writing advice, planning where to submit, etc.

Planning and Structuring an Essay

University of Birmingham video on structuring and essay. Geared towards writing essays for class; however, the general tips are good ones, including, keeping notes on what you'll write, using Post-Its to keep track of ideas, planning to give yourself enough time, etc.