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Education Resources for Extension Instructors

A guide to resources for teaching and research in education for professional administrators and instructors

Introduction to UC Merced Library resources

Welcome! This guide offers a brief review of the resources and services offered by the UC Merced Library for instructors and administrators in education. It's not a complete guide by any means, so if you have any questions or would like to consult a librarian for more information, you can do so by contacting Olivia directly (contact information on the far right) or by making an appointment with a librarian (information on how to do so to the center right). Let's get started!

Accessing library resources in the age of COVID-19

While the UC Merced Library's physical plant remains closed during the pandemic, the library's services, and any resources that can be accessed remotely, remain available. Please check the Library Reopening Dashboard links to learn what services are available, library hours, and other useful information: .