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Using Generative AI

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Research and other AI related information

Research and Other AI Related Information

According to the UC Berkeley Office of Ethics, "As of September 2023, the University of California's agreements with the parent companies of ChatGPT and other generative AI services, which include our terms and conditions, Appendix Data Security and other privacy protections, do not cover the use of ChatGPT or other similar generative AI services. The UC Office of the President is working on this issue. We hope to see this addressed in the near future and will update this guidance when additional information is available."

Further Resources

Generative AI – Ready to Run Search

Generative AI – Ready to run search

The resources shared on this page are just a sampler of Generative AI information. To explore emergent and more current resources we have a ready to run Generative AI Library search using the database Academic Search Complete (EBSCO). This is a broad search that you can edit further or apply filters to.

Click on the Run this Library Search button to view the results. (UCM Net ID login may be required. If off campus, you must connect first using the VPN)

General generative AI search

This broad search will return results that cover the breadth of generative AI research and resources.

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Key considerations

Key considerations

Here’s a checklist of ways for you to keep up to date with how generative AI is impacting the world:

Generative AI is a constantly evolving field. Staying up-to-date is important but your own critical evaluation of generative AI information is key.