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Writing 130 (Ocena): Advocating with Research

Topics in Professional Writing

Know Your Organization

Look at your organization's About section to learn more about its purposes and history. Knowing about your organization is crucial to the grant-writing process.

Stats Search Tip

You can use Google to find statistics. Consider limiting your search results to websites that end with .edu, .org, or .gov by adding,, or to the end of your search string.

Here are some examples of searches.


Know Your Community

You also need to know about the community and groups your organization serves.

Back Up Your Claims

You will also need evidence to support how your project would benefit the community. Find articles and books through library databases related to the arts, education, psychology, etc.

Here are some examples of relevant databases.

Organizations Search Tip

Leverage the expertise of organziations. Many professional associations, advocacy groups, and initiatives also link to research and resources that could be helpful.

Here are some examples.