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Writing 118 (Maharaj): Google: Search Strategies

Management Communication

Search in Google; Generate Keywords in Google

Google logo

Spreadsheet Columns F-H

Use your keywords to create a viable Google search.  Locate information and start identifying other valuable keywords and phrases.

Search Tips:

1. Word choice

2. Phrase searching / quotation marks

3. Domain limit

4. Specific site search

5. Time limits

#3 Search in Sites or Domains

Limit your search to a specific site OR a category of site (e.g. .edu domain).

Sample search

site:edu solar energy california

22 sec

#1 Three Basic Google Search Tips

Google search tips include the following:

  1. use simple, descriptive words
  2. be specific in your word choice
  3. don't worry about capitalization, spelling, and punctuation


#4 Finding Specific File Types

1) You can search specific sites by using site:

Sample search for majors (restricts results to information on majors from sections of UC Merced's website)

2) You can also search by filetype by using filetype:

Sample search for college application filetype:pdf (restricts results to information on college applications in PDF files)

3) You can search for results with specific terms located in the text of pages on a topic by using intext:

Sample search for olympics intext:marathon (restricts its results to sites about the Olympics that also include information on the marathon)

14 sec

#2 Quotation Marks

Insert quotation marks to search for a specific phrase or word.

This can help you find quotes, search for song lyrics, or identify the titles of specific journal and magazine articles.

Sample search for ["like a rolling stone"]

18 sec.

#5 Time Limits

Under Tools > Select Any Time > Custom Time

Sample Search with Limits

improve "internet speeds" universities site:edu

screenshot of Google search with various strategies used