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Writing 117 (Pravin): News Evaluation

Writing for the Social Sciences and Humanities

Source Spectrum

Learn about a source.  Does it have extreme bias?  What is the level of factual accuracy?

  • AllSides - news from various perspectives and information on media bias of individual sources
  • Media Bias / Fact Check - information on media bias and level of factual accuracy, includes a greater variety of sources than those found in AllSides

News Source Spectrum Chart


The Spectrum of News Sources graphic is designed to present a visual representation of news sources – highlighting both their quality and partisanship.  Author Vanessa Otero created the original version of this chart for infrequent readers in order to help them distinguish “between decent news sources and terrible news sources”.  An updated version of her chart is located at her website All Generalizations Are False.  

More about news evaluation

Characteristics of Reputable News Sources

Characteristics of Reputable Newspapers

  • publishes accurate content; checks facts, and if errors are made, corrects them
  • uses reputable sources (people, documentation) and verifies those sources
  • presents headlines which accurately represent the article content; headlines don't play on readers' emotions
  • clearly identifies authors of articles with bylines
  • produces its own content; doesn't merely aggregate content from other sources
  • clearly identifies content types (e.g. report vs. editorial)
  • conducts reporting not just editorializing
  • employs journalists who follow the profession's code of ethics