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Writing 10 (Ruiz): Article Databases

Reading & Composition

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles (published in print and/or online scholarly journals) are written for other scholars or experts, and, as a result, have complex language and multiple references. They focus on narrow topics of investigation, often based on experiments or other types of analysis, so they are generally not the best sources for basic or general information. Many of these types of articles are reviewed by experts in a process known as peer review before they are published.

Articles from the sciences and social sciences will typically have a methodology section that tells how the experiment or study was set up and conducted, a results or discussion section, and usually a conclusion section.

Articles from the arts and humanities will read more like essays. In these disciplines, scholars are not conducting research experiments on participants but, rather, are making logical arguments based on the evidence they have, which often comes from texts. In literature, for example, a scholar will be studying a particular novel of an author. In history, a scholar will look at the primary source documents from the time period she is studying.


Here is a scholarly article I found using the Academic Search Complete database that could be helpful for my research related to black women and the black power movement: Amanda J. Davis' "To Build a Nation: Black Women Writers, Black Nationalism, and the Violent Reduction of Wholeness."

For this topic, I could also try looking for articles in the following databases:

  • Google Scholar
  • International Index to Black Periodicals

Multiple Subjects

Behavioral & Social Sciences

History & Humanities


Economics & Political Science

Ethnic & Gender Studies