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Writing 101 (Gautreau)

Writing for Psychology

Literature Review Basics


Some journals are devoted to publishing review articles.  A literature review is helpful for understanding concepts, the state of current research, and locating key authors and sources.

Sample Journals

Annual Review of Psychology

Annual Review of Clinical Psychology

Annual Review of Neuroscience

Perspectives on Psychological Science

Sample Review Article

"Conspiracy Theories: Evolved Functions and Psychological Mechanisms" (2018), van Prooijen and van Vugt

"Attachment in Adulthood: Recent Development, Emerging Debates, and Future Directions" (2019), Fraley

Literature Review Structure & Organization

This video includes information about how to structure and organize a literature review (UCSD Dept. of Psychology, 2.06)

Synthesizing Multiple Sources

This video provides step-by-step instructions for weaving together different research articles into a single, coherent literature review (USU Library, 2.06)

Literature Review: Synthesis Templates