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Writing 10 (Winek)

College Reading & Composition

Search Basics

#1 Identify key words.

Example:  I want to find information on investments in Bitcoin currency. 

I can start with the following key words:

  • Bitcoin
  • currency 
  • investments

#2 Use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)

  • AND - joins dissimilar terms (narrows)
  • OR - joins similar terms (broadens)
  • NOT - eliminates terms (narrows)


travel OR tourism





#3 Use "quotations marks" to search for specific phrases. 


  • "women's march"
  • "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"
  • "gulf oil spill"

More Search Tips

Know What You are Searching

Screenshot showing A-Z Source List


Select the Source(s) You Want to Search

Screenshot - Searching in A-Z Source List


Pay Attention to Dates; Change as Desired

Screenshot Custom Date Filter in Newsbank


Sort By Relevance, Rather than by Date

Newsbank screenshot Best Match option


Limit Key Words to a Specific Search Field, Rather than All Text

Newsbank screenshot limit Field

Pros & Cons of News Databases


  • Search multiple (or few) sources at the same time
  • Options to limit your searches (e.g. by date, geographic area, and source type)
  • Minimal, if any, advertising
  • Additional tools e.g. citation creation
  • Access to more content and older content that may otherwise be behind pay walls


  • Graphical content is often removed
  • Newspaper layout is often not included
  • Accessing newspapers through Google may seem more intuitive than locating a database

How To Use Access World News