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Writing 10 (Winek)

College Reading & Composition

Activity: Research Question, Keywords, Synonyms

To Do: Extract keywords from our research question. Generate synonyms for our sample keywords.


  1. Visit the Jamboard.
  2. We'll identify the keywords in our research question.
  3. We'll brainstorm synonyms for our keywords.

Activity: Add Your Research Question & Keywords

Goal: Generate keywords and synonyms for your own research question.


  1. Open the Google Spreadsheet.
  2. Add your name to your row in Column A.
  3. Type in your research question in Column B.
  4. Add your keywords from your research question to Column C. 
  5. Add any synonyms to Column D.

Selecting & Using Keywords

What advice does the narrator provide about selecting and using keywords in your searches?

* from Darrell W. Krueger Library, Winona State University (play until 2:50)