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Using Wikipedia in the Classroom: Resources

Wikipedia Education Program (Wikimedia Outreach)

Wikipedia Education Program (WEP)

Wikipedia Education Program logo

Education/Toolkit (Wikimedia Outreach)

  • introduces the Wikipedia Education Program (Start, Plan, Run, Evaluate, Connect)

Reasons to Use Wikipedia (Wikimedia Outreach)

  • student engagement, student learning
  • notes challenges

Case Studies (Wikimedia Outreach)



  • formed in 2013
  • bridges academic and Wikipedia
  • spin-off of Wikipedia Foundation
  • supports Wikipedia Education Program in U.S. and Canada
WikiEdu Logo

WikiEdu - Teach with Wikipedia

  • instructors can sign up for its Wiki Education's Classroom Program
  • supports instructors, offers online trainings, offers timelines & dashboard

WikiEdu - for Instructors

  • orientation for instructors, case studies, example grading rubric and more

WikiEdu - Training Libraries

  • includes "How to teach with Wikipedia", will prompt you to enter through your Wikipedia account

Where to Contribute

Some lists are created which point to Wikipedia content that needs further development.


  • Assessment - Quality Grading Scheme
  • Citation Hunt - a tool which refers to information in Wikipedia that requires citation(s)

Wikipedia for Instructional Purposes

Incorporating Wikipedia

Gender Gap


Students Using Wikipedia

Science & Wikipedia

News @ WikiEdu

Wikipedia - Principles & Values

The Five Pillars or fundamental principles of Wikipedia.

5 Pillar of Wikipedia

5 Pillars of Wikipedia by Guilia Forsythe on flickr at
CC BY 2.0