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USTU 10 (Delgadillo): Popular Articles

Introduction to Undergraduate Studies

Popular Articles (News & Magazine Articles)

Popular articles (published in print and/or online newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and other sources) are not reviewed by experts but may be extensively researched and/or fact-checked, depending on the publication. Their purpose is to share information about current events, politics, and cultural and social issues. These sources can also be used in a historical context, as well. They are written for a general audience.

Newspaper & Magazine Databases

Below are just a few of the 65+ library databases that provide access to news content. Find more by visiting the Newspapers tag in the database A-Z list (Databases tab on the library website). You'll find both current and historical newspaper content.

Investigating News Sources

Media Bias Fact Check (MBFC News) 

  • At Search > Dedicated Media Search, type in a news publication, e.g. CNN, to learn more about its reporting and bias. 
  • This independent online media outlet classifies news sources into five categories: least biased, left-center bias, right-center bias, left bias and right bias. 
  • MBFC explains how it determines bias in its Methodology section.


  • Select Bias and then search the list for a specific news source.  AllSides determines its bias ratings through blind surveys, third party data, and community feedback.
  • Under News, view a current news topic with reporting from center, left and right leaning news sources. AllSides also classifies news sources into categories: center, lean left bias, lean right bias, left bias and right bias.
  • This is an interactive news and educational site with a bias rating system intended to help news consumers see and understand different perspectives.