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Summer Bridge Academic Journal Club: Staying Current

Summer Bridge Academic Journal Club is a graduate student club led by Tashelle Wright, Public Health Ph.D student. This research guide serves as a resource for some of the club's activities.

Setting Up Alert Services

Set up alerts to receive updates on topics, journals, researchers, & citations of interest. Save time by automatically have updates sent to you instead of spending time searching for updates. Alerts can be set up and managed through individual databases. Most of the databases will ask that you create a personalized account to manage your saved searches. Here are the types of alerts you can set up.

  • Journal alerts
    • Stay on top of specific journals by receiving the table of contents from the latest issues or by being notified of the latest articles published in an issue.
  • Topic alerts
    • Stay on top of your areas of interest by having databases automatically run saved topic searches. The latest search results will be shared with you. The key to this is setting up a satisfactory search.
  • Citation alerts
    • You can also be notified when a specific article gets cited, which is very useful for keeping track of your own citation statistics in the future, and as well as the statistics within your discipline.