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Starting Your Research Series

Discover how to start your academic research with this guided tutorial.

Now that you have watched the video, let’s practice finding databases related to a specific subject.

Imagine that you are researching the latest stem cell therapies. Since this topic is related to biology and the health sciences, it would be helpful to use databases in both subjects to find current studies in the scholarly literature. For many topics, you will often want to use databases from a few related disciplines.

Using the All Subjects filter on the A-Z databases page, available at, navigate to Biology from the drop-down menu on the left. A screenshot of what appears at the live site is also provided below. Note: The link above will open in a new tab.

screenshot of Subject drop-down menu in A-Z Database listing

Notice that there are over 45 databases specific to biology.

Click the Next button to take a short quiz. You will decide which subject most closely relates to two research topics.