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Starting Your Research Series

Discover how to start your academic research with this guided tutorial.

About the VPN & Access to Library Resources

The UC Merced Library purchases and subscribes to many information resources including e-books, articles, and databases for student and faculty use.   Due to our agreements with the vendors and publishers, the library can only make those resources available to students and faculty at UC Merced on the campus network.   Fortunately, you can access the campus network whether you are on or off campus. 

When you are on campus, access to these resources is pretty seamless and does not require any special authentication.  But for access from off-campus locations, connect through the Virtual Private Network (VPN) first.  By connecting through the VPN, you will be recognized as a legitimate user.  This will give you remote access to the campus network allowing you search, view, and download online library resources.

users using the VPN to access library resources

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