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Spark 001 - The Art of Attention (Varnot): Key Words & Search Terms

Library Session for The Art of Attention

Use CREDO to Find Other Key Words

For example, trying searching for "art and science".

Credo Logo

Identify Key Concepts and Terms

Identify the key concepts in your topic:

How can precious metals in cell phones be recycled more effectively?

Brainstorm for related terms:

"precious metals"
"rare earth elements"
"rare metals"

"cell phones" 
mobile phones

urban mining

Look for Subject Headings

When searching for information in a database, look for hyperlinked Subject headings.  Subject headings are controlled terminology used to '"tag" articles.  Click on a hyperlinked Subject heading to start a new search OR incorporate those phrases or terms into your existing search.

Try Academic Search Complete > Subject Terms to find subject headings for your topic.

Below is an example of Subject Headings associated with the article "Conservation Science and Contemporary Art" from the Academic Search Complete database.

article record with Subject Headings highlighted